From 3 to 8 hours


    Fishing season
    Moreno Lake, all year around, catch and release


    Lago Nahuel Huapi


    Upon request


    Upon request

Fishing – Nahuel Huapi Lake

An embarked departure will be made from the hotel pier, offering the various modalities. If the water level allows we cross the narrow stream and access Lake Nahuel Huapi, entering one of the arms less traveled by tourism, Blest or Tristeza, being able to also navigate other areas such as Millaqueo and Victoria Island among others.

3 hours – Brazo Tristeza Nahuel Huapi Lake
4 hours – Brazo Tristeza o Puerto Blest Nahuel Huapi Lake
5 hours – Millaqueo e Islas Fósiles Nahuel Huapi Lake
6 hours – Brazo Blest Nahuel Huapi Laje

7 hours – Millaqueo y Blest Nahuel Huapi Lake
8 hours – Nahuel Huapi Lake
(includes lunch)


Excursion may vary according to weather conditions

We can schedule activity according to guests requirements

Includes: beverages

Includes: profesional bilingual guide and fishing equipment

Fishing permit not included

1. For Argentine fishermen or foreigners residing in the country:
(A) Daily residence resident permit (RP-D): AR$ 125.

2. For foreign fishermen not resident in the country.
(A) Non-resident country daily permit (E-D): AR$ 750.

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